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What to Bring to Mount Pinatubo Tour

The trekking Mount Pinatubo experience is really quite fun, it is certainly an experience that you and your family and friends will talk about for many days after, and it can also be said that it's a really nice way to spend time bonding with each other. During this Mount Pinatubo trek you will have the chance to share stories, and provide encouraging words as you take on this rugged terrain filled with large rocks and cold water streams.

Based on our personal experience of trekking Mount Pinatubo we have put together as list of items to bring to Mount Pinatubo that we believe will serve you well on this difficult, although exciting and fun trip. The weather during your trip to Mount Pinatubo can be quite hot and humid causing you to sweat profusely.

Mount PInatuburo Crater Tour with Rick Saint John

Recommended Items to Bring

Sunscreen (SPF 30)

  • You will be in the sun for the better part of 5 hours total time, being sunburnt is not healthy for you.

Hiking Hat (Wide Brim All Around)

  • It's important to keep your head cool on long hiking trips, it can help prevent headaches and sunburn around the ears.

Hiking Shoes (NO Sandals, NO Croc's)

  • During a long foot trek it's very important that you protect your feet, as they are your only source of mobility. I have personally been on this trek to Mount Pinatubo, and I have seen many people wear slippers, flip-flops and croc's, all of whom ended up getting bad blisters on their feet. I personally recommend a nice hiking shoe that is water resilient or a good running shoe, and you should wear a thick cotton sock, this will help to prevent any blisters on your feet.
  • Wearing sandals and croc's can cause blisters on your feet, due to the small particles of sand that will get embedded into the soft foam. If your feet get blisters, there is no remedy for this until the trek is over, sore feet are no fun.

Backpack with Dual Shoulder Straps

  • Each person on the trek to Mount Pinatubo should have a personal backpack, and it should include a change of clothes, shirt, shorts, socks, and a small towel, along with some energy bars, and fruit like apples or pears, they are filling and provide energy, and bottle water.
  • We recommend that your backpack have dual shoulder straps, this will displace the pack evenly across your back, as single strap packs can create a sore neck and even make you more tired.


  • The sun reflects off of the white ash and sand that covers Crow Valley, it can be quite harsh on your eyes, having a nice pair of sunglasses will help to prevent headaches.

Bottled Water

  • Depending on how much water you normally drink, it is recommended that you bring along 4 medium sized bottles of drinking water, it is very important that you stay hydrated during this trip, as you do not want to get heat stroke or faint.

Photography Enthusiast

If you are taking this trip to captures some awesome photos, then here are my recommendations based on my personal experience. Bring a small towel along to keep your camera covered when you are not shooting.

  • Bring Two Cameras – One with a wide angle lens and one with a telephoto lens. Due to the windy conditions in this area, and the extremely fine ash-dust I do not recommend exchanging lenses with one camera.
  • With One or Two Cameras – Use a Q-Strap so that you have quick access to your camera at all times, rather than keeping the camera in a pouch.
  • Tripod – This is totally up to you, but unless it's really lite, I would not bring a tripod along, remember this is a 5 mile trek, so the more you are going to carry, the harder the trek will be.