TREKKING MOUNT PINATUBO - If you are looking for adventure, then this trek and tour is awesome, 4x4's, rivers & hills to climb. BOOK NOW!

4×4 Jeeps

From the town of Capas you will ride across the barren Crow Valley in a 4×4 Jeep that has been outfitted with large knobby tires suited for this rugged and rocky terrain. These 4×4 vehicles vary in brand, you will find Jeep Wranglers, Toyota Land Cruisers and Filipino style jeeps, each having the capacity to carry four (4) adult passengers and your Mount Pinatubo Tour guide.

There is once particular area in Crow Valley that requires the 4×4 Jeeps, this area is filled with ragging water and littered with large rocks and boulders, it would not be possible to cross this area without these rugged vehicles, and expert driving.

4x4 Jeeps