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Tour & Trekking Packages for Mount Pinatubo

If you love adventure, then you are really going to love the full day trekking to Mount Pinatubo, where the views of the crater lake are just awesome, and extremely breathtaking.

The drive from Manila to the start of the Mount Pinatubo Tour takes approximately two and a half hours using our late model air-conditioned vans, that have reclining captains chairs with extra leg room, perfect seating for these long drives.

Once our van arrives in the town of “Capas”, which is located in the province of Tarlac, we will have a short meeting with the Mount Pinatubo trekking guide, who will give instructions on the layout of the land and about crossing the knee deep streams and other trekking precautions. Once we have completed the short instructions, which takes about ten minutes, we will then board a 4×4 Jeep, very similar in appearance to the Jeep Wrangler, but with some modifications.


The Drive Across Crow Valley

One we are seated in the 4×4 Jeep we will head out to cross “Crow Valley” an area that looks very similar to that of the moon, this entire area was desecrated by the Mount Pinatubo eruption that took place at 1:42 pm on June 15 of 1991. As you drive across Crow Valley you will see farmers raising cattle, a few wild horses, and some local Filipino's picking up pieces of charcoal to bag and sell to store owners who prepare barbeque chicken and pork.

This drive across Crow Valley is awesome, and will take about one and half hours, during this time your driver will stop at different locations, where you are encouraged to get out of the 4×4 jeep and walk around, be sure to bring your camera for some really unforgettable pictures of Crow Valley.

Crow Valley

Aeta Village People

You will also have the chance to meet some of the indigenous people who are part of the Aeta Tribe, the Aeta people who live here are considered to be some of the oldest indigenous tribes in the Philippines.

The 7 Kilometer Trek

Once the 4×4 Jeep drops your group off at the start of your trekking point, you will have to walk some quite rugged terrain, riddled with large rocks, boulders and deep streams with ragging water, this trek is about “7 kilometers or 4.25 miles” one way, so remember to take your time hiking, you will not want to fall and hurt yourself.

As you begin your 2.5 hour trek you will walk through canyons created by the ash that fell from the Mount Pinatubo Eruption, and deep streams filled with cold ragging water, be careful as you cross each stream, as you do not want to fall and get your clothes wet.

7 Kilometer Trek

Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake

Once you arrive at the Crater Lake view point, there are about twenty-five (25) steps to climb before you reach the nice welcome to Majestic Mount Pinatubo sign. Once your arrive here you will find nice picnic areas, your tour guide will also setup your small two person tent, where you can kick back and relax, and take a short rest from the long and tiring walk that you have just completed. 

Now is your chance to walk around and take some photographs, there are some really fantastic opportunities for some really nice pictures of the Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake. It's nice to bring a tripod, however please remember that this is a five (5) hour walk in total time, so be cautious about the amount of supplies you are planning to carry.

After you have had a chance to rest yourself your tour guide will serve a nicely prepared Filipino style lunch. After lunch you can take a short rest or even take a short sleep if you prefer, after you are fully rested you will begin to pack your gear for the nice trek back to the pick-up point where you will meet your 4×4 Jeep.

Depending on that amount of time you want to stay at Mount Pinatubo and how fast you walk during the trek, you can expect to arrive back in Manila between the hours of 5pm to 8pm.

Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake

Special Note:

There are websites that claim to offer swimming and boating at Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake, however this is FALSE information and very misleading to clients, as the lake is filled with sulfur which has been determined to have harmful effects on the human body, not to mention it is against the policy set forth by the Philippines Government.

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